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Events and Management

Marketing and business plan

LYS ROYAL is specializing in marketing campaign It seeks to in public and private securities in a broad range of areas including real estate, energy, oil and gas, emerging markets,high-technology etc. If you wish to invest or settle in any viable projects that your company requires marketing campaign On review of your company’s Business Plan we shall help you.

Corporate Event Entertainment

It relates to events which are held by an organization for their staff, clients and stakeholders. They can organize conventions and conferences for large audiences and retreats, holiday parties and even private concerts. There are various companies that provide corporate entertainment and are known as Corporate Event Planners or Corporate Booking Agencies. There are many types of Corporate Social Entertainment which includes an opening General Session that adds excitement and presents the overall idea of the meeting. There are many other parties like mixers or pre dinners which use entertainment like playing a pre-recorded movie in order to create an environment for conversation. Sometimes in Corporate events, awards and gala events are organized and for this they use either celebrity entertainers or various bands. The participants are filled with a feeling of excitement and they can easily relax and get a break from their normal work schedule.

Fundraising Entertainment

Fundraising refers to the process of gathering contributions in the form of money and other resources by taking donations from other individuals, businesses and also other government agencies. The events include dance a charity auction or some other form of entertainment which encourage group participation as well as giving donations. Such events are normally as Silent auctions, corporate fundraisers, gourmet dinners, black tie balls, roasts or cruises. Whatever the type of fundraiser, entertainment can help put your charity event over the top. Through such events Aerial Artistry offers unique selection of magicians, cirque style performers and other amazing entertainers.

Private party Entertainment

Everybody wants their private party to be a memorable one which they will remember forever. It is important to see the occasion and then decide on the events which have to be organized during that private party. It has to be seen what sort of party music, dance or other entertainment show can really rock the private party and make it entertaining for the participants. Everything has to be done according to the event as well as people who are attending the party. It is very important to have the right performers who can set the tune of the party.

Entertainers for special Events

Special event is one which an individual treats differently from other occasions, and wants it to make a memorable moment forever which leaves a positive and lasting impression. Normally the company has to spend a lot for these events. However there are ways to lessen the cost incurred. A company can get in contact with a celebrity who is willing to do charity work, and this will give publicity to both the company as well as the start performing in the special event. It would be advisable to book the performer in advance so that they give discounts. If this can be tracked that what are the events that has been canceled, then negotiation becomes easy. The best thing is to relate the event with charity.